The Strange Revenge ( A Short Story By Madhumita Mishra)

This Saturday evening was perhaps the darkest evening of my life. The setting of Sun in the occidental sky had given a golden color to the atmosphere. Soothing winds were blowing. I could hear the chirping sounds ofbirds. The dry leaves started to rustle as I walked to the graveyard. It seemed to me as if the whole nature was paying condolence to Dai Jan. Now it’s one year since she had left. It’s true that now I can’t find her any more but in the silent depths of my heart as I can still hear silent voice. After lighting up my candles and giving the boutique of roses to her I walked to the sea beach. At that point of time I wanted to enjoy solitude. As I sat down a flood of thoughts rushed down to my mind. I remembered my childhood days when she said a lot of stories to me as I was retaining to bed. She made me eat even the toughest vegetables with her buttering words. She supported me. She encouraged me and she stood beside me even in the dark of the darkest periods of my life. She was perhaps my best friend with whom I could share all my feelings. 

  Then I recalled how a vandal brutally battered her to death. That day I had a very important seminar at my college. I was completely engrossed in its preparation as I took the lead role in my group. Then suddenly my cell phone rang and Papa said that he and Mama had to go to hospital for my uncle had met an accident. He also informed me that Dai Jan, our maid was there at home alone. I had lots to do, so I said that I wouldarrive late. However, my seminar was over and I got a good response. 

  It was quite late in the evening and I rang up our land phone. Dai Jan said everything was fine and that I should return peacefully. I reached home and clicked the calling bell a number of times. Strangely, Dai Jan was not responding. Then suddenly I heard a loud sound, very loud cry. It didn’t even take a second for me to recognize that it was of Dai Jan. I threw my bag and rushed to our backyard. Fortunately, the back door wasopen. I was in complete shock, everything distorted. 

  I was extremely terrified calling Dai Jan. I ran up and saw the tiles of the stairs were broken. I banged the door of my parent’s room. Oh My God! A man was taking out the jewelries and cash from the locker box. I shouted and rushed to him. I even slapped him. But all of my stamina and strength had to bow down in front of him. He gave a powerful blow and my head got dashed against the edge of bed. I was bleeding hard. He came near me and pulling my hair, said that no-one could cause any harm to him; not even God. I tried hard to take that bag from him but he kicked my face and went through the window.

  All my screaming and shouting went into vain. Suddenly, I saw the bath room door was open. I could see Dai Jan’s feet. Then what I saw was literally soul shaking. I was dumfounded. That vindictive man had squeezed her neck with a pipe. Oh! No. I shouted to my extreme pitch. I was shivering. With trembling hands I unfolded the pipe. I checked her pulse. She was no more. Her fingers had turned blue. I was blank. I ran down blindly and rang up to papa. Sheet!! No network. I had no idea about what to do. I rushed to my neighbor, Ria. She was already standing outside her house. She was taken aback for a while, when she saw me bleeding. By that time I was speechless. She wanted to take me to her house and dress my wound. She asked me what had happened and I was so nervous that, “Dai Jan! Dai Jan! “ were the only words I could say. 

Before me she said that that day nothing was going well. I was bleeding and a man had died just there having met with an accident. Strange! My eyes all of a sudden fell upon the huge crowd. They were out of sight and out of mind. Banging her hands I ran to the road and to my utter surprise I saw that the same man was taken inside a van. A person looked at me sorrowfully said, “Sorry mam ! The man was spot dead”. 

 My parents came. Both of them were equally shocked as I was. This was a great blow to our family. 

 Investigation took place. We got back our possessions. But the damage which that rascal had caused was irreparable. Dai Jan had formed an integral part of my life. 

“Divine Revenge! Yes Divine vengeance “was he only term I reflected at that point of time and observed by an unseen eye.

At His court, justice is guaranteed. Every night I perceive her sweet touch. Every morning I hear her tender voice. Today also no one can fill the vacuum, which Dai Jan has created in my life. She may not be now around me but she will continue to live in my heart for ever and forever.

——      by     Madhumita  Mishra   (   Guest  Post  )




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