the rhythm of the voices is best described as

The Italian term that describes very fast tempo is, The following piece is an example of triple meter. added to the modal system by Heinrich Glareanus, sacred polyphony, including works of Dunstable, entirely in the service of the duke of Burgandy, two composed voices with an improvised 3rd voice, creating 6-3 chords, THe synthesis of compositional elements from English, French, and Italian musical traditions led to this 15th century compositional style, The following idea about Renaissance music was not borrowed from Greek thought, THe increase during the 15th and 16th centuries in amateur music making for pleasure or social entertainment is a direct result of, the introduction of music printing and the wider dissemination of written music, In cantus firmus masses, the borrowed melody is usually found in the, The music of Guillaume Du Fay is best described as. Which of these statements best describes the unique rhythmic feature in this example? _____ is the element of music that pertains to how the different vocal and/or instrumental parts in a piece of music relate to one another. compositions that blended musical characteristics from French, Italian, and English traditions, representing a new international style of composition. 2. The following excerpt is most likely from a:0:22. The vielle was what type of string instrument? The melodic range in this excerpt is considered: 1. in a wider range. Which of the following is NOT a Baroque composer? The voice and singing Writing is the least appropriate way of giving an account of the voice. (The average rate of speech for English speakers in the United States is about 150 words per minute, by the way.) Prima practica emphasized equality of voices whereas seconda practica emphasized a hierarchy of voices, Which one of the following pairs of words or phrases represents the two main concepts behind Baroque music, Basso continuo; The Doctrine of Affections. a. The tone of the poem "Ka'Ba" versus the tone of the poem "Harlem II" might be described as: A. presented by Latshaw Productions. Who composed isorhythmic motets, monophonic secular songs, and a first complete Mass Ordinary setting? It’s considered part of a rhythm and is the repeating and ongoing pulse in all music. 3. in duple meter. a. Consonant harmonies usually provide a feeling of tension, This music example illustrates a chord played one note after another. A beat is best described as the pace, tempo or the timing that it takes to play a particular piece of music. 4. in a rhythmic mode. A system of tuning all pitches of a keyboard instrument to make thirds and sixths sound good. A plainsong mass gained choherence between parts of the Ordinary by employing, liturgically-appropriate, pre-existing chant, which corresponded with the text of each part, The cantus-firmus mass usually derived its name from, The cantus-firmus mass creates coherence between sections by, constructing each of the parts of the Ordinary around the same cantus firmus, normally placed in the tenor, In this compositional technique used in the top voice, the melody is given a rhythm and ornamented by adding notes around those of the chant, One of the earliest composers to use a secular tune as a cantus firmus was, Beginning in the 15th century, the following term referred to a polyphonic setting of a Latin text other than a mass cycle, In this type of English improvised polyphony, a plainchant in the middle voice is joined by an upper voice a perfect 4th above it and a lower voice singing mostly in parallel thirds below, A mass which utilizes the same melodic motive in the beginning of each part of the mass is called a, u Fay's Missa Se la face ay pale borrows its cantus firmus from the bollowing, A 14th century allegorical narrative poem which used satire to comment on corruption in politics and church in France was, "Messe de Nostre Dame" was one of the earliest polyphonic settings of the Mass Ordinary and likely the first mass to be composed by a single composer. THe Shawm was similar to what modern-day instrument? an allegorical story interspersed with Ars Nova music. Writing can stutter and stumble. Which of the following is one such alternative, Which one of these composers wrote music for prepared piano, Which of the following 20th-century trends sought to restore order, harmony, and emotional restraint to music, Which of the following is the composer for this piece0:27, Which of the following statements best describes the role of technology with regard to art music in the Contemporary period, Technology has enabled art music composers to experiment with and change the way that they create music, Given the atonal nature of this example, which of the following is the most likely composer, Which characteristic of texture in this example is most closely associated with music of the Contemporary period, Thick texture with full and frequently dissonant chords, Who composed the groundbreaking piece The Rite of Spring, What unique feature of this example suggests that it was written in the Contemporary period, Use of a traditional instrument in a completely new way, The following piece was written by a leading figure of the post-WWII German avant-garde. Rhythm of the Dance. Learn about the elements of rhythm and the relevance of beat, time, and meter. In music, texture is how the tempo, melodic, and harmonic materials are combined in a musical composition, determining the overall quality of the sound in a piece. At its simplest, intonation could be described as 'the music of speech'. Rhythm in poetry is a device which has an effect on the reader. It contrasts a group of instruments with a solo instrument. Directed by Marjane Satrapi. For example, a thick texture contains many “layers” of instruments. (high pitched horns 3:30 in length), The proper musical term for “increasing the tempo” is, Which combination of beat and tempo is present in this excerpt. Usually, folk tunes, songs, spirituals, and hymns are not good examples of strophic form, Listen to the following example. In an isorhythmic work, the repeating rhythmic pattern is called the, Musical instruments of the 14th century were divided into high and low depending on, one of the main sources of Italian Trecento music, The renaissance period is marked by an interest in, In English polyphony, a perpetual canon or round at the unison is called a. If we look at music in different parts of the world, we find even more variations and ideas about what music is. Syncopation is a musical term meaning a variety of rhythms played together to make a piece of music, making part or all of a tune or piece of music off-beat. Which composer composed quadruplum, or organa for four voices? a. young but all-knowing b. weary and worldly-wise c. cynical and experience - She asked if I had ever done a list of descriptions of voices. Hearing voices, or auditory hallucinations as psychiatrists call them, is a common experience for people living with schizophrenia. Now, this is very profound, what rhythm is, and goes far deeper than any words. Individualism, humanism, and secular values started to flourish once again. Although the two main types of guitar that you will hear about being described are either acoustic guitar or electric guitar, there can often be mentioned a third type, known as rhythm guitar, In actual fact, rhythm guitar is not so much a make or style of instrument, as clearly electric and acoustic are, but is a type of playing style. His name is: According to the text, Romantic composers abandoned the principles of unity and variety in pursuit of more innovative and expressive sounds, The composer pictured above, an international artist of Hungarian heritage, decided to become a technical wizard at the keyboard after hearing Paganini playing the violin. Rhythm, obviously, includes mannerisms such as periodic pauses to search for the right word, while rate refers to the speed of an individual's syllables and speech. This cello piece exemplifies __________ form. The texture of the following example from the Classical period can best be described as: Which of the following composers wrote this symphony, Listen to the following example and select the genre that best defines it0;50, Which would be the most likely composer of this example, Which one of the following excerpts belongs to a large choral work from the classical period, A string is composed of two violins, one viola, and a cello, Which one of the following excerpts may be classified as chamber music, The rhythm of the following example suggests that the piece was composed during the Classical period. WHo was the blind composer known for his ballate and had a cadence named after him? Which excerpt represents the Theme?

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