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A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Leslie and Ben went to the town to accept a key to the city as recognition for Ben's past stint as a teenage mayor. Tammy 2. African American. Megan Mullally was terrific in the recurring role of Tammy Two, the fear-inducing ex-wife of Ron Swanson, but she met her match on season four when she was overshadowed by Tammy One, played by Patricia Clarkson. Indeed, their friendship is fuelled through their love for money and objects, which is essentially what the treat yoself days was really celebrating. Donna has a variety of female friends to ask for help and Tom often turns to Leslie or to Andy. Her cousin … This has really damaged all of his relationships in the past, whether it's with his girlfriends or his friends. Keep reading for looks inspired by Ben Wyatt, Andy Dwyer, Donna Meagle, Chris Traeger and, of course, Ron Swanson. Whether it's the way they look or the goals that they are aiming for, both of them will always put themselves first. 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Ginuwine took the stage after The Decemberists and performed his hit "Pony" in memory of Pawnee's late, great Lil' Sebastian. It’s surprising that Amy and Mike never wrote in an Easter egg about Retta’s aunt, but they definitely included her lovely singing voice. Very little could faze Olympic-level overachiever Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), but meeting former First Lady Michelle Obama did the trick. At the end of the day, both Tom and Donna are very materialistic in their likes and dislikes. What does Dwight say is the scariest animal? Tom is running his own businesses and Donna gets married, looking to start a future in a relationship that had been on and off again for years. Parks and Rec ran for seven seasons and ended on February 24, 2015. Donna roped him into playing at the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert by threatening to tell people about their bathtub days. On the episode, Ben surprised Leslie with a special engagement gift: A meeting with her political hero, Biden. Questlove's character is one that has long been a part of Parks and Rec lore, with Donna (played by actress/comedian Retta) first bringing him up in the 2011 episode " Ron and Tammy: Part 2 " to show favorite Ron Swanson. As I watched, I began to wonder - why exactly is Donna Meagle in an office manager at a small town Parks and Rec department? We've already pointed out that Donna is pretty attached to her physical possessions. Not only does Donna dislike the singing rich kid, but he also takes a lot of the attention away from her. One of Donna's new plans is to invest her money in a scheme known as Teach Yoself, a clear pun on the treat yoself days that her and Tom used to have. They clearly did not feel that strongly about staying in one another's lives as they had completely separated, living in different areas and getting on with their own challenges. Perhaps the most iconic of them all, was Tom and Donna who fans were absolutely thrilled to see going off on treat yoself days and other bizarre schemes each week. Before the comedian starred on NBC's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Andy Samberg appeared on an early season of "Parks and Recreation" as Carl Lorthner, a rather loud park ranger. Donna's cousin is supposedly the rapper Ginuwine, who Tom is a big fan of. This heightened Leslie's own insecurity over Pawnee's unpopular opinion of her, and she revealed that the closest thing she'd gotten to a statue was a pinata of her face filled with broccoli. The ceremony also finds Donna’s cousin Ginuwine making a “Pony”-less cameo. At the lake house, Donna hands out copies of the rules to the house. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. As a big fan of Parks and Recreation I've watched the show about a jillion times. 100. Ginuwine, aka Donna's cousin, showed up to dedicate "Pony" to Lil Sebastian as a hologram of the beloved mini-horse popped up on stage. Plus it takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, IN (Sigstr is headquartered in Indianapolis so we particularly love this fun fact). Subscriber It's almost as if that by associating herself with Tom, Donna is trying to raise her own stock in some way. Account active 20 Mar. Name of Andy's character … She is now accepting of her coworkers, previously dismissing them as boring. Jean-Ralphio is by far Tom's closest friend which is going to drive a wedge between Tom and Donna more than anything else. Another issue that can get between these two is money. Because of this, people always wondered if he would ever actually make an appearance on the show, and he did! Despite the strong friendship they supposedly share, Donna and Tom don't seem to know much about one another's family. Jon Hamm was introduced near the end of the show as Ed, a bumbling but enthusiastic National Parks employee. Actor and comedian Bill Murray played Mayor Gunderson, a character mentioned throughout the show. It speaks both to the textual richness and genius subtlety of "Parks & Rec" that jokes with years of lead-up -- namely, Donna's cousin Ginuwine and estranged brother Levondrius -- … Dim-witted but affable, Bobby failed upward time and again, mostly due to nepotism and his family's financial influence on the town. He played himself, appearing as Donna's cousin and performing his … Ingrid often referenced Eagleton's lavish and glamorous lifestyle by proudly stating that the town fills its public pools with bottled water and uses government money to buy HBO for everyone. Ginuwine is Donna Meagle 's cousin. David Giesbrecht/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images, Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, 10 plot holes and inconsistencies you might have missed on 'Parks and Recreation', The jobs of 17 of your favorite TV characters, and what it's really like to do them, 47 celebrities you forgot guest-starred on '30 Rock', 22 celebrities you probably forgot appeared on 'Arrested Development', 21 celebrities you probably forgot guest-starred on 'The Office', Political figures, including Michelle Obama and. By Rachel Simon. Mayor Gunderson served as the mayor of Pawnee for 39 consecutive years and appeared on screen in a pre-recorded message, looking back at his long term in office and revealing that he and court stenographer Ethel Beavers had been lovers for decades. April 23, 2014. Donna roped him into playing at the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert by threatening to tell people about their bathtub days. 1. Donna is the office manager for the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. Rate. What's more, Donna deliberately hides knowledge of her cousin from Tom. Ben, April, Andy, Donna, Tom, and Terry trap Ron and Leslie in the old Parks and Recreation office overnight so the two can work out their differences. It seems that most of his concerns are on where the next dollar is coming from, although Donna can have her own moments of obsession with wealth; Tom even had to mention it at Donna's wedding though. It didn't go down too well therefore when on a hunting trip, Tom managed to shoot her car with a gun, shattering one of the windows. When Leslie visited California to consider a job for the National Parks Service on season six, Obama wished her well and stressed the importance of having passionate people in government positions. The TV show Parks and Rec was populated by some truly hilarious and memorable friendships. Donna once claimed that she likes to hang out only with people that she considers to be cool. Parks and Recreation Hilarious ensemble comedy that follows Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana, and her tireless efforts to make her quintessentially American town just a little bit more fun. FanTheory. Her chill changed the atmosphere of the entire office, leaving an impressed April to declare, "She's the cold, distant mother I never had.". After the Eagleton-Pawnee merger, Ingrid replaced Leslie on the town council. Donna loves her Mercedes-Benz ML350 SUV. Paul Rudd had a reoccurring role as Bobby Newport, Leslie's rival in the council election. RELATED: Parks and Rec: Why April & Tom Aren't Real Friends. After the show's time jump on the final season, Leslie immediately fired Ed, saying, "You're the most incompetent person I've ever worked with, and that includes Terry.". Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Let’s get started! She is best known for her role as Ruby on the TV series Good Girls, and Donna Meagle on NBC's Parks and Recreation.She has appeared in several films and television shows, and has performed stand-up on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. The friendship they share isn't necessarily an emotional one and as such might not even be classed as a friendship at all. The show boasted a talented main cast of actors and also featured numerous celebrities and public figures in guest-starring roles. The TV series first aired in April 9, 2009. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Donna Parks And Rec animated GIFs to your conversations. Kristen Bell was perfectly terrible as Eagleton councilwoman Ingrid de Forest. The 100: The Male Characters, Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential, Parks & Rec: 10 Reasons Why Tom & Donna Aren't Real Friends, Parks and Rec: Why April & Tom Aren't Real Friends, 10 Most Unnecessary Storylines From Parks And Rec, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jen From Parks And Rec, 5 Parks & Rec. If you’re as obsessed with the people of Pawnee as I am, you’re in luck. Directed by Ken Whittingham. Tom learns that the rapper Ginuwine is Donna's cousin, but when Ann reveals she doesn't know who that is, Tom is annoyed that Ann doesn't have the same music tastes as him, making him fear they have nothing in common. Here's 10 of those reasons which might shed some light on the relationship. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. She doesn't turn to the person who was supposed to be closest to her, but instead asks April for help. RELATED: 5 Parks & Rec. Ginuwine sang on 'Parks and Rec.' This demonstrates that it could be accurate to describe their relationship as a way for Donna to get a bit more status in the office. Leslie tried to break the tension by offering a bowl of red vines, which prompted Banks to gruffly reply, "We're a Twizzlers family.". My love for Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson grows larger just about every single day. President Biden briefly returned on the series finale, as well. 100. Who is Donna's cousin who shows up to perform at the Unity Concert? The "Parks" gang pulled off an awesome Pawnee/Eagleton Unity concert with an impressive lineup of performers. Bobby was happier and more carefree than any real politician, and he was also relieved when the election was over and Leslie won. Blanks. 100. RELATED: 5 Parks & Rec. When Leslie went to London to receive a prestigious award she ran into a fellow honoree named Ulee Danssen, played by supermodel and businesswoman Heidi Klum. Her and April's friendship was not nearly as well documented as Donna and Tom, yet this is the decision she makes. Jobs. Although it has happened in the past, they are much more likely to turn to other people. Tom with always choose Jean-Ralphio despite the fact that he is even more selfish, because they are business partners and he is friendly with the whole family. He took Leslie on a tour of the park to inspect problem areas and yelled about a log he found in the woods that had over 50 worms on it. What fruit is Ross allergic to? At Ben and Leslie's engagement party, he paraded his new girlfriend Ulani around in front of Ben's mother and tempers started to flare. Back when he was vice president of the US, President Joe Biden made two guest appearances on "Parks and Rec.". Ginuwine is a musical artist, well known for his songs Pony and Differences. RELATED: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jen From Parks And Rec. Mayor Stice planned to humiliate Ben by presenting him with a key made of ice, but his plans go awry when Ben ends up in the hospital with kidney stones. A little more immediately, Retta said the season’s finale, which will bring the election to a conclusion, will come with a big price for Donna. They are incredibly driven people and that means that no one can really stop them achieving what's best for number one. His first cameo came on season five. In addition to guest-starring on "Parks and Recreation," Bell has also worked alongside lead Adam Scott on numerous shows including "Party Down," "Veronica Mars," and "The Good Place.". Upon meeting the mayor from Silkeborg, Denmark, Leslie marveled at her "symmetrical" face and was surprised to find that Ulee's town made a statue for her out of goat cheese. R&B singer Ginuwine appeared as Donna's cousin on the season-six finale. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Tom and Donna can be self-obsessed at the best of times, so putting them in a situation together can only really lead to an incredibly vain disaster. and Parks and Rec are both part of the NBCUniversal family.) Occasionally, we got a glimpse at Donna's life, with mentions of ex-boyfriends, Mercedes-Benz, and a cousin named Ginuwine. At a Parks and Recreation Department community forum ... Who is Donna's celebrity cousin? But the underrated queen of Parks and Rec is non-other than Parks Department Office Manager, Donna Meagle. Marietta Sangai Sirleaf (born April 12, 1970), professionally known as Retta, is an American stand-up comedian and actress. Tammy One was monstrous enough to make Ron's mustache tremble as she attempted to audit him for all he was worth. With Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza. ... (E! Tom in particular is pretty obsessed with earning money and coming up with his own business ideas. Donna and Tom from Parks & Rec may seem to have a good relationship, but if you dig deeper there's good reasons to think they aren't real friends. However, what if this friendship wasn't as strong as we all assumed it to be? [Parks and Rec] Donna Meagle is on the lam. Genuinely good friends probably would have tried to stick together for longer. Box Jellyfish. Photo Credit Welcome to Part II of our series on “Parks and Recreation” fashion. If in a difficult situation they don't think to go to one another first, how strong are these supposed best friends? Politics graduate, freelance writer and all around film geek. However, Parks and Rec wasted little time answering that question by having D.C. big-shot Jen Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) ... April screaming at Donna’s cousin Ginuwine is pure gold. Ed cheerfully accepted her order and waved goodbye to the office, thanking them for letting him work there for the three years that unfolded off-screen. NBC R&B singer Ginuwine appeared as Donna's cousin on the season-six finale. She is portrayed by Retta and has appeared in the show since the pilot. His first appearance on the show was during season 6, episodes 21 and 22, or the double-episode season finale. The flaw of both of these characters is they have moments of incredible selfishness. Donna Marie Meagle is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. For the first two seasons of the show she appeared as a recurring character; she became a regular in the third season. Not only did it show her selfishness, at she did not care that Ron had been shot or indeed that Tom was shook up from the shooting, but she instead went out on a tirade about how her car had been damaged. That sounds like something that Donna Meagle would say while talking about the Regal Meagles and her cousin, the rapper Genuwine. She can sometimes be selfish. While they certainly managed to support one another in this capacity, their relationship might not go any further than that. What's more, Donna deliberately hides knowledge of her cousin from Tom. Speaking of guests, whatever happened to the singer Ginuwine, your character’s cousin, appearing on the show? There is an official extended cut online of Oswalt's filibuster that lasts for an impressive eight minutes of unedited monologuing about Boba Fett, infinity gems, and Hannibal Lecter. At the very beginning of Parks, Donna is, more or less, a glorified background character.Luckily, as the show progressed, she's given way more to do. RELATED: 10 Most Unnecessary Storylines From Parks And Rec. Garth challenged Leslie to live by the outdated laws of the Pawnee Charter, but Oswalt's shining moment came as he began a citizen filibuster by outlining the plot of the seventh "Star Wars" film and connecting it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2014 Galentine's Day. She never told him however, even though allow her friend to meet her cousin would have been a really special moment for him. And on last night's episode, "Donna and Joe," he did — as Donna's estranged, much-hated brother, Levondrius. 100. There's plenty of signs that point to the fact that perhaps Tom and Donna weren't really true friends! NEXT: Parks & Rec: 5 Of The Meanest Things Ron Has Done To Leslie (& 5 Leslie Did To Ron). But they soon realized that the town never forgave Ben for a failed sports complex that plunged Partridge into financial ruin. Fan Theories That Totally Make Sense (And 5 That Would Never Happen). Read on for a list of the best "Parks and Rec" celebrity guest stars. On the night before Donna and Joe's wedding, Ben receives an offer to run for Congress and Ron causes a problem for Tom's new relationship. In the far future it seems that Donna and Tom have gone their separate ways. Kiwi. If George isn't lecturing someone on the history of the MCU, he's probably ranting about the political consequences of Putin's latest horse riding trip. They may even be too materialistic to realize that their companionship shouldn't have been about the objects at all but sharing in that experience together. R&B singer Ginuwine stopped by Pawnee for a few episodes of Parks and Rec. On Parks and Recreation Donna constantly bragged that her cousin was none other than R&B singer Ginuwine. S6, Ep17. Donna's cousin Ginuwine. While Tom is on that list, it says something about the nature of their supposed friendship and how she chooses who she will hang out with. Parks and Rec’s Donna Is Addicted to Homeland. Get it now on using the button below. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a relative of Retta Sirleaf, who plays Donna, the smart-talking Mercedes-driving Parks and Recreation staff member. R&B singer Ginuwine appeared as Donna's cousin on the season-six finale. He will always be one of the people that will cause conflict between them. Genuine. Fresh off of his turn as hired killer Mike Ehrmantraut on "Breaking Bad," Jonathan Banks appeared on "Parks and Recreation" as Ben's surly father. Leslie nodded adamantly and replied, "I agree with you on all things throughout history until the end of times forever.". "Parks and Rec" houses some of the most endearing, problematic, lovable, despicable, and questionable characters ever made. The Office. A one-stop shop for all things video games. J.K. Simmons appeared on season five as Mayor Stice, the mayor of Ben Wyatt's hometown of Partridge, Minnesota. 7.8 (1,284) 0. When "Parks and Recreation" ended, the workplace comedy joined the hall of TV fame alongside other binge-worthy comedies such as "The Office," "Arrested Development," and "30 Rock.". He won over voters with broad statements like, "I'm against crime and I'm not ashamed to admit it.". Parks and Rec. Despite some of this concept therefore being with her friend, she enlists someone else to help. Fan Theories That Totally Make Sense (And 5 That Would Never Happen) Donna's cousin is supposedly the rapper Ginuwine, who Tom is a big fan of. Share the best GIFs now >>> In Parks and Rec season 4, it was revealed that the singer Ginuwine is Donna's cousin and he later performed in the Pawnee Unity Concert. ... April and Donna help Tom find a restaurant site, and Andy discovers Ron's alter-ego, Duke Silver. For those of you late to the party, Parks and Rec was an NBC hit series from 2009 to 2015 that snagged 15 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe. Ben Wyatt Photo Credits: […] Donna only thinks some people are cool, such as Tom Haverford. Donna doesn't rank very high in comparison to money on Tom's priority list. The 'Parks and Rec' Finale Already Looks Amazing. Parks revealed the two were related back "Sweet Sixteen" from season four. Comedian Patton Oswalt appeared on season five as Garth Blundin, a local resident who's passionate about Pawnee's history and decries Leslie for trying to remove its more archaic laws. NBC. Ginuwine sang on "Parks and Rec." Parks and Rec Quotes is filled with the most memorable quotes you have heard from the characters in the hit TV series Parks and Rec (Parks and Recreation).Many of these quotes are surely going to give you a laugh. While the parks department works side-by-side with their former Eagleton counterparts, Leslie is blindsided and heartbroken by the news that Ann and Chris are leaving Pawnee. Tom and Donna never really turn to one another for advice. Chris and Andy take Champion for a walk. It is also known in Season 6 Galantines Day, she had two annulments

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