long string hanging from my fish

Bulging eyes (one or both) Mucus accumulation on the body. This is normally the fish reabsorbing eggs. What is the theme of the poem song by John Donne? ¿Cuáles son los 10 mandamientos de la Biblia Reina Valera 1960? GOLD FISH HAS A LONG STRING HANGING, WHAT IS IT. Category: Pet. My betta has a white string hanging from his belly. Care has to be taken when choosing the right food for them, because goldfish need less protein (which they cannot digest in excess) and more carbohydrates. It doesn't really seem to bother him, and he's moving just as much as normal...there's brown at the ends of the string making me think it's not a worm. Customer Question. Garlic is a natural way to rid fish of internal parasites, is a flavour enhancer for fish that may not be eating, and overall good for your fish. We thought problem is solved. Regular table salt usually has iodine and anti-clumping agents which are not good for fish. White stringy excrement is often indicative of an internal parasite. However, specialized food for them can be found on the market. Eventually it fell off, and I was confused until I … If you feed your fish similar quantities of food on a regular basis, they will poop on the same regular frequencies. BettaMagic. Huge poops hanging out of my fish? Constipation doesn't affect how much feces a fish makes, but how easily it can get rid of them. Long strings of waste that trail behind the fish as they swim could be a sign of over-feeding. The totally harmless, but wholly unappetizing white gunk that seeps out of salmon filets as they cook is just coagulated protein -- also known as albumin. White Feces; Clear & Long Stringy Poop in Tropical Fish If you see yellow to white feces and/or the long, lumpy, stringy, and segmented poops present in the tank water or hanging from the fish’s anus, then you should be concerned about possible diseases such as intestinal parasites, internal infections, high levels of stress, and etc. If they want to explore something, they only have a mouth to do it with. Some fish such as Corydoras and Plecostomus catfish are said to eat poop – but even if they did, they still require feeding just as any other fish would. Fish of any species can have fecal strands that stay attached to their rectum. ... My fish was listless and fins started to split but eats normally. I just checked my fish and I saw the same thing. Fish excrements will naturally perish thanks to the Nitrogen cycle which breaks it down into ammonium and nitrate. Fish will normally poop as often as they can or when there is urgency or need to eliminate waste from their bowels. I've had my tank for around 2 months and on one of my red wag platy's today I noticed a long white string hanging out the back the fish. Fish with chronic constipation tend to be lethargic, disinterested in food and generally out of condition. I know they are different chemicals but how does one know which to use? lol..why is there a "string" looking object hanging from my fish's underbelly!!! Better to try that at first than medicating the tank. They can vary in length too. If it's pregnant, you would see the "poo" swim off and it would'nt be a string. Long hair like string hanging from my betta’s mouth. What is the fire truck called in Fahrenheit 451? Long trails of fine feces from rear … read more. Just concerns me. Have a 3 month old established tank. What fish eat poop? Herein, why is there poop hanging from my fish? The Herring however, is a whole other story. Top Answer. Not having enough veggies is the #1 cause of constipation. What is this - fish poop? If fasting doesn't help, try a Pea Diet: Place a frozen pea in hot, hot tap water for 2 minutes. What is internal and external criticism of historical sources? Submitted: 13 years ago. A small piece of cooked pea will act as a laxative and may clear. Furthermore, is it normal for goldfish to have long poop? However, specialized food for them can be found on the market. Please ask a question in the how to section of our forum or read the. What is the white thing coming out of my fish. What is the long string like hanging from goldfish? All fish do it and so do you! What is this - fish poop? Pregnant guppy has white string is this poo. Trouble breathing such as gasping at surface of water. From other posts I've read people suggest its from a disease or underfeeding? Most of the time it is nothing to worry about, but there are a few ailments that can cause this problem. These are some of the most common signs of disease seen in pet fish: Appearing disoriented, such as swimming upside down. I'm a little new at this. It's normally an orangish color. Accordingly, what is the string hanging from my goldfish? If allowed to get worse, it might almost appear as if the slime coats on your goldfish have thickened or are even peeling off. As far as we are aware, there are no freshwater fish that have poop as a necessary part of their diet. It's TOO long to be a penis..hahah..I dont even know if Goldfish have penises...haha..well, if you happen to know what this may be, I"d appreciate the help! Answered in 4 minutes by: 3/29/2007. Long strings of waste that trail behind the fish as they swim could be a sign of over-feeding. Ask Your Own Pet Question. A couple of them have a long string hanging out of their backsides. Share. Hi gurus. Hi guys :)I've got a new problem as stated below, New Fish symptoms: White string protruding between ventral fins. Bachelor's Degree. If you must feed flake, wet it in some tank water first so the fish is not gulping air as it eats. Share this conversation. Now, never having kept fish before I hadn't even considered the concept of fish poo and what it looked like until the second day of having my fish when one of them had a long string of white / clear something hanging on them. Then in evening yesterday. Care has to be taken when choosing the right food for them, because goldfish need less protein (which they cannot digest in excess) and more carbohydrates. Submitted: 13 years ago. Leaving food uneaten. there is something wrong with my goldfish! White string like waste of Goldfish. Long clear (zig zag) with air bubbles: There isnt any color to the poop but it is long and with air bubbles in the poop. They have different personalities in terms of hiding, how they move, etc. What are four reasons for expanding a product line? I know his bowl is small, smaller than it should be. Flake food is a major cause of constipation and swim bladder issues for fancies. He has this thing that is growing on the tip of his back fin and the back of his fins . This morning when I was feeding him I noticed there was a hair like string hanging down from his mouth. Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Show More . When preparing these products, use commercially frozen fish. Show Less. Show Less. Fish lice could cause these symptoms. From other posts I've read people suggest its from a disease or underfeeding? It would also be really small too. There is a long, thick white strand hanging from in front of his fins. The key is recognising problems so you know what to do. I recently added some platies about two weeks ago and they seem to be doing well. Stringy things hanging off of plants and structures/ debris on top of water . In severe cases, constipation can make it difficult for a fish to swim normally. © AskingLot.com LTD 2021 All Rights Reserved. Having long thick poop isn't really normal for goldfish. Point being – No farts. Our aquarium forum is the place to discuss any aquarium related issue in a friendly environment. Answered in 15 minutes by: 11/7/2006.

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