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Drive 07-08 hrs Cost price of all the items shall also be shown on the said list. 47. Location:   Karakoram, Baltistan, Pakistan, Location:   Nagar Valley, Bagrote valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, We feel great pleasure to introduce SALTORO SUMMITS as the Tour Operating Company in Pakistan. (iii) Making of Commercial Film including T.V. The first westerners to see the peak from the upper reaches of the Gasherbrum glacier was famous explorer Francis Younghusband and his party when they in 1889 explored the area. He lived in Wrocław up to 1974 when he moved to Kraków. 64. Note: Expeditions are required to deposit full amount of royalty with the nearest embassy / consulate / Tourism Division Government of Pakistan at the time of making an application for booking of a peak. In Balti rgasha=beautiful; brum=mountain.—Editor. A party shall not indulge in any activity that might offend the religious sentiments and social or moral usages and customs of the local people. Ascent: Gasherbrum IV, 7925 meters, 26,000 feet, via the West Face to 7900 meters; descent via the North Ridge, July 13 to 26, 1985. A party shall not photograph the following objects during its stay in Pakistan: Gasherbrum IV Northwest Ridge was first climbed by Greg Child, Tom Hargis and Tim Macartney in 1986. It was their second time on the top(they made an "acclimatization" ascent in 1982 without the permission via normal route). #. 29. In the silver, pre-dawn hours of July 13, they crossed the bergschrund … Finally we were saved by the food cache reached on the evening of the ninth day at 7100 meters, left during the acclimatization climb on the north ridge. Altitude : 3100 M, Trek to the Dumurdo river cross at Jhula, (Jhula means wire rope bridge with a hanging wooden basket), now a wooden bridge is made cross it & camp beside a torrent facing the Bakhordas. Similarly such a Pakistani Club shall be allowed to organise a Pakistani-cum-foreign expedition if it is registered with the Tourism Division. Overnight in tents. Area: Baltoro Mustagh, Pakistan. Prvovýstup na Gasherbrum IV (Italové, 1958) Wojciech Kurtyka - The Shining Wall of Gasherbrum IV (1985) Greg Child - Gasherbrum IV's Northwest Ridge (1986) The West Face of Gasherbrum IV (Korejci, 1997) Gasherbrum IV, Northwest Ridge (Korejci, 1999) Aktuality najdete na naší facebookové stránce. (a) Any Army, Navy and Air Force installations. The 3000m high Gasherbrum IV West Face was climbed by Robert Schauer and Wojciech Kurtyka from July 13 to 20, 1985. So they wanted to make a new route on Broad Peak(because as you probably know Kukuczka wanted all his ascents to be made via new route or during winter season)-but Broad Peak wasn't their main goal on that expedition. Highest in the region, the stone & timber abodes contain dark & narrow stairwells riven by gloomy, unlit alleys cluster within the embrace of the fertile terraces. to be detailed by the Government of Pakistan. 83. o Tourist guide / Liaison Officer insurance and porter insurance. There are two main attack routes. A party or its porters shall not damage the forest or animal wealth of the area. 17. A party shall pay for his food, accommodation and transport for mountains and back from the reporting date of the expedition in Islamabad till the date the party is debriefed. Still photographs, commercial films and films of academic interest taken / made in rest of Pakistan shall not be subject to these restrictions except restrictions mentioned at paragraph 54 and 58. Together they attempted one of Kurtyka’s obsessions: The West Face of Gasherbrum IV (pictured above), known as the Shining Wall for it’s reflective stone. Export of all such collection without the prior permission of the Government of Pakistan is prohibited. The physical exhaustion, hunger, thirst and lack of sleep caused a number of astonishing psychic sensations. WOJCIECH KURTYKA, Klub Wysokogdrski, Krakdw, Poland. (ii) For Low Altitude Porters Mountaineering expeditions will guarantee rescue operation funds to the tune of US$ 4000 or provide guarantee from their respective Diplomatic Mission in Pakistan or an undertaking from Government approved Tour Operator failing which they will not be allowed to attempt peaks in Pakistan. Shirts and Jean trousers may be purchased in Pakistan to avoid size problems. Personnel: Wojciech Kurtyka, Poland, and Robert Schauer, Austria. Through interviews with Kurtyka and extensive research through trip reports, photographs and climbing literature, McDonald reconstructs many of these great climbs –ascents such as Norway’s Trollveggen (Troll Wall), Pakistan’s Trango Tower and the 2,500-metre West Face of Gasherbrum IV. In case of disagreement with the advice of L.O. These were transformed into very real images. he shall give him in writing the reasons for such disagreement. The only other routes on the SW Face are the 2008 line climbed by Russian mountaineers Valery Babanov and Viktor Afanasiev and, of course, the one forged by Polish alpinists Jerzy Kukuczka and Voytek Kurtyka during their breathtaking tour de force in the summer of 1983 that resulted in two new routes, namely the virgin SW Face of Gasherbrum I and, 20 days earlier, the SE Ridge of Gasherbrum II. or if the L.O. As soon as a party gets the permission letter, it shall immediately get in touch with the nearest PIA Office or an office of any other airline for reservation of seats and booking of equipment from Rawalpindi to Northern Areas / Chitral by giving the following information: prefers to arrange his own lodging and board he shall be paid US $20 per day for his stay in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. 33. The impressive mountain is the first of the "big ones" you can see when walking in towards the Baltoro area. No party shall be allowed to proceed to its destination if the kit / equipment provided by it to L.O. 57. K2 ( Chogori ) 8611-M - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Nanga Parbat (8125 M) - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Gasherbrum 1(8068 M) Hidden Peak - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Broad Peak 8047-M - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Gasherbrum II 8035 M - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Ogre 7,285 Metres(23,901 ft) Baintha Brakk - Saltoro Summits, Latok7, 145 m(23,441ft) - Saltoro Summits, Trango Towers 6286-M Pakistan - Saltoro Summits, Amin Brakk 5850 M Pakistan - Saltoro Summits, Gasherbrum-III (7952 M) - Saltoro Summits, Rakaposhi 7,788 M - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Spantik Peak 7027-M Golden Peak - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, K6, or Baltistan Peak,7,282 m (23,888 ft) - Saltoro Summits, Khosar or Khusar Gang 6400 M - Saltoro Summits, Shimshal Mingling Sar or Minglik Sar 6050 M Expedition - Saltoro Summits, Mitre peak 6025 M Expedition - Saltoro Summits, K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Pastore Peak & K2 Gondogoro La Trek - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Karakuram Traverse Trek - Saltoro Summits, Biafo Hisper & Snow Lake Trek - Saltoro Summits, Masherbrum Base Camp Trek Pakistan - Saltoro Summits, Thalle La Thalay La (4572 M) Trek - Saltoro Summits, Shimshal Mingling Sar Trek - Saltoro Summits, Nanga Parbat Mazeno Pass Trek - Saltoro Summits, Around Nanga Parbat Mazeno Pass Trek - Saltoro Summits, Chitral Tirich Mir Base Camp Trek - Saltoro Summits, Chitral Hindukush Mountain Biking - Saltoro Summits, Hindukush Karakoram Jeep Safari - Saltoro Summits, Punjab Cholistan Jeep Safari - Saltoro Summits Treks & Tours, Shandur Polo Jeep Safari Pakistan - Saltoro Summits, Kaghan, Swat, Chitral, Hunza Valley Jeep Safari - Saltoro Summits, Sarfaranga Shigar Jeep Rally - Saltoro Summits, Culture & Heritage Tours - Saltoro Summits Pakistan, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours to Pakistan - Saltoro Summits, Sikh Pilgrimage to Pakistan - Yatra - Saltoro Summits, Autumn Photography in Gilgit Baltistan - Saltoro Summits, Mountaineering Rules & Regulations in Pakistan, Application from tour operator on their letter head, Application form for mountaineering expedition, Visa application form (duly filled) of foreign climbers/trekkers, After receipt of complete application from tour operator Company, the same is forwarded to concerned departments/agencies for obtaining requisite clearances. shall accompany a party to a maximum height with the consent of the leader or at least stay at the base camp till the party descends and return with the party for debriefing at Islamabad. Equally unpleasant were the tormenting visions of food and drink. Gasherbrum I je dio masiva Gasherbrum, u lancu Karakorum, dijelu Himalaje.Iako se naziv masiva često prevodi kao "Blještavi zid", vjerojatno kao aluzija na vrlo istaknuti obližnji vrh Gasherbrum IV; naziv dolazi iz riječi jezika Balti "rgasha" (lijepo) i "brum" (planina), tj, "lijepa planina". feels that the porter is very sick and is not being evacuated, he shall ask the leader to arrange for his evacuation. Polish mountaineer Voytek Kurtyka may have one of the most impressive résumés of all time - featuring his alpine-style first ascent of the West Face of Gasherbrum IV above all - but his reclusive character meant that we have read and heard little from the man himself over the years.

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