Growing Population : A Concern For Mankind

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World population is uncontrollable. It is growing very fast. Word has a population of more than 7 billion today. It is interesting to note that if a person tries to count one by one of them, he will take about 200 years to complete this. And if every person of the world contributes a single step, then the earth could be traveled almost 135 times around. If it goes like this, the population of the world will no doubt cross 9 billion towards the end of 2050. The constantly growing population is a challenge to the mankind.

​ 30% of the World’s people live in China and India. It has been estimated that in this way, India’s population will cross China’s towards the end of 2020. On the other hand, we have very limited resources with us to meet this challenge. It is another way we are inviting poverty, joblessness, diseases and unnatural deaths.  What’s more, 52% of total population are young and between the age of 30 – 35 years. 90% of them live in underdeveloped or developing countries. More than half of the World’s wealth belongs to the rich. 80% of the natural resources are being utilized by the elite groups, which are 25% of World’s population. Likewise, only 20% people consume 58% of the total energy resources. Every year, nearly 4 million people die for not getting pure water to drink. 2.5 billion have no toilets. According to UNO, around 2crore people live in other countries as refugees. Nearly 7crore children leave their study midway, every year. They either serve in other’s houses or live as beggars. 2billion people never have two times meal a day. Though there is plenty of land on earth for shelter, the other resources are unavailable for now or never.

Face book is a social site platform. It has subscribers more than the population of any country. It is more than 2 billion. India is more at Face book than any other country. Coincidentally, India becomes the major contributor to World’s population. Every year India is going to add an Australia to its population.

The road connectivity in our country is second in the World. For thousand people, we have 3 km. Of road. Where as, in USA, every thousand citizen has 21 km. Among all countries, there are more traffic jams seen in India. There is no increase of road surfaces in comparison to the increase of vehicles.

Not only India is a populous country, but it has a huge mass of unemployed youths. There is an increase to it, year by year. To check this, our Government should either make some effective laws or generate sufficient employments for the youths. Lastly, if we fail to eradicate the problem, it would be only because of no utilization of youths.

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